SIBN was established in early 2010 by Dr. A. D. Chafins. He wanted to create a place where all Christian people could come and reason together regardless of race, background or language. His desire was to see all of God’s people be able to live out the scripture found in Isaiah 2:2-4. Dr Chafins has friends literally around the world. SIBN was a life long dream being realized.

Born and raised in the Detroit, MI area he was raised on simple “Old School” values. He was the first person in his family to go to college graduating from Eastern Michigan University with a business degree. Upon graduating he went on to his MBA studies in Strategic Marketing at Michigan State University. Due to his extensive work in broadcasting and ministry he ultimately received a Doctor of Divinity from St. Thomas Christian University in August of 2017.

Over the years Dr. Chafins has helped establish churches and ministry leaders in Liberia, Democratic Republic of Congo and Vietnam. He has personally ordained the senior leadership of many churches including a new denomination of Christian Churches established in the Highlands of Vietnam.

Dr Chafins is a published author having written a number of short teachings based on traditional stories of the Bible and insights from them. He also owns the copyrights to a Bible written in an Asian dialect. This version is the first time in history a full 66 book Bible was written for this Asian people. The manuscript of this Bible is in a bookcase by his desk to this day.

Dr Chafins has known people from all walks of life. He has known people of great wealth as well people less fortunate. He has spoken and made presentations to leaders of other nations as well as those from the white house and U. S. State Department. For a period of time he was also a “Street Negotiator” and helped to settle disputes among street gangs in his local community. Earning him the street name “Peace Maker”.

Dr Chafins has been in broadcasting for over 28 years. He has hosted his own TV and radio shows as well as producing several others. He has been involved in all aspects of broadcasting. With the experiences of meeting people from all over the world and the countless relationships established in 2010 he began to see that the Internet was the future of broadcasting and established SIBN. This Internet broadcasting company and its flagship station has been broadcasting continuously 24/7 ever since. Today the SIBN footprint covers over 6,000 cities in 178 countries. Its broadcasters represent over 40 different Christian denominations. SIBN broadcasters are from several racial groups including Black, White, Asian, Hispanic and Native American. Dr Chafins himself being Native American. Many of his broadcasters have been with him in excess of 5-6 years. They have ranged in age from 8-80 years of age.

With the experiences of 28 years in broadcasting and several requests to teach from them Dr Chafins recently established IBU, Internet Broadcasting University, where he is Chancellor. This school focuses on Teaching all aspects of Internet broadcasting. It is designed to prepare a person to be part of the broadcast future because the future of broadcasting is the Internet. Students have been contacting his from around the world to learn from his expertise.

Dr Chafins is known by different titles. He is Dr. Chafins, Bishop Chafins, Peace Maker and Chancellor. He has had the privilege of knowing people from around the world and all walks of life and calling many his friend. He believes in the culture and humanity of all people. Yes, in many ways Old School but through it all People who know him best will tell you that he is down to earth and feels most comfortable just being called by is name – Allan.