The curriculum of IBU is a living creation. It evolves as student needs and broadcast industry developments become known. It has been the experience of IBU instructors that well meaning and excited new programmers enter into the new and growing field of Internet broadcasting thinking they are prepared. Many find out that they are not when they run into a problem or confusion. Many become discouraged and walk away losing the time and money they have invested. In many cases with proper planning and training this can be avoided and more people will stay and help this broadcast industry mature.

Below is the current curriculum. These classes are designed for those looking for broadcast certification. All the classes need to be successfully completed through attendance or exemption. It is also possible to take only selected courses. This option is designed for those students not looking for full certification but just help in specific areas. These students will receive certification only for the course completed.

INTERNET TELEVISION vs PODCASTING – Explores the differences between these two forms of programming.

CREATING A SHOW FOR BROADCAST – Designed to review and explore the areas necessary in creating a program format that is interesting, relevant and well structured

MANAGING SHOW CONTENT – Designed to explore good show format including music,videos, interviews and show talent. Also looks at good archiving of past shows and good practices in queing material for timely display during live production

COPYRIGHTS AND CONTENT OWNERSHIP – This is not a law class but we do explore the rights of content owners and responsibilities of broadcasters

BUILDING YOUR V.O.I.C.E. BOX -This will be a special class under the instruction of Dr Andrea Hines. Dr Hines has a great deal of experience as an author, playwright and performer both on screen and on the stage. She will have great experience and insights into presentation performance development

PUBLIC RELATIONS/BROADCAST ETHICS – Keeping good relations with show talent, hosts and show owners is critical. Keeping good relations with the public is as well. Good relations includes many things. One key area is acting with integrity in your broadcast activities. These things will be discussed here.

BROADCAST ACCOUNTING – Explores proper billing and invoicing practices.

BROADCAST SOFTWARE – A key component to broadcasting is the Internet software used to make your program viewable by the public. This course reviews the different types.

STATION DEVELOPMENT – reviews the complicated process of creating, developing, and maintaining an Internet broadcast facility

CONTRACTS – This is not a law class but we will review proper contract form and good delivery to broadcast customers

SALES AND PROMOTIONS – If you have a show you may want sponsors. If you have station you have airtime to fill. Here we will explore good sales and promotion technique

RECRUITING – If you have a station or show you will want to find help. Station owners may want to expand. Here we will explore good practices to bring in people