Although established in late 2010 the broadcast website did not go “Live” until early 2011. These were the early day of Internet broadcasting as a serious industry. Our founder Dr Chafins is considered by many to be one the early pioneers of the industry. From the moment it went live SIBN has been broadcasting 24/7 365 days a year with 97% continuity. The original concept of the network was to broadcast Christian material regardless of denomination, race, language to the entire world through an Internet medium.

SIBN started with 1 computer and 1 person. Today its broadcast footprint covers over 6,000 cities in179 countries which is approximately 91% of the recognized Internet world. On 6 different occasions it has been ranked in the top5 of all Internet Christian broadcast sites in the world. On multiple occasions it has been ranked in the top 3 in the United States in the same category (Data provided by Google Analytics and industry analysis). It has an impact on over 50 different language groups worldwide. It has Black, White, Asian, Hispanic and Native American broadcasters. Over the years it has established over 240 TV and radio stations. Many have gone on to establish their own independent broadcast facilities. Many own and managing their own stations within the SIBN structure.

As a continuation of its presence in media and broadcasting SIBN has established a school known as IBU, Internet Broadcasting University. It has also been involved in publishing with its own magazine THE UNIFIER. As a result it has invented methods by which its television stations could broadcast live through digital magazines.

SIBN is a continuing influence in the Internet Broadcasting field. It continues to evolve and grow. It continues to live out the idea and vision that gave it live some 13 years ago.