Welcome to the SIBN RADIO STATIONS: below is a brief outline of the stations currently within the SIBN structure. Here you will find music, poetry, great teachings, churches from around the world, and uplifting programs of all variety.  There will be many stations within the SIBN program structure over time. Below are but the first among them.

EMPOWERMENT RADIO is the home of  VOICE OF EMPOWERMENT the flagship program" of A. D. Chafins, the founder of SIBN. Here you will experience short motivational thoughts as well as in depth teachings from both the human experience and scriptural text. EMPOWERMENT RADIO is yet another addition to the SIBN radio collection. As time goes on there will be many different stations found within the SIBN network. We hope that this particular station is helpful, motivational and thought provoking.

Come and let’s listen to the programming found on EMPOWERMENT RADIO

GREAT LAKES GOSPEL RADIO: From the heart of “God’s country” comes GREAT musicLake-huron-ipperwash-beach and GREAT preaching/teaching all from that little slice of heaven on earth known as THE GREAT LAKES. From this SIBN radio channel you will be able to experience the wisdom, faith, talents, and experiences of men and women scattered throughout Michigan and lower Canada.

Programming on this channel can be accessed through the links provided below


HEALTH AND WELLNESS RADIO: Come on 1-2-3, 1-2-3 touch those toes! Sound familiar?PeopleExercising Probably heard that long ago in school gym class. For some of us its truly been that long. We need to do better than that! This station was recently launched in order to discuss health topics and topics that will help us stay fit and able to move forward with our dreams and goals in life.

Hopefully you will visit here as we develop this station. It is our hope that you will learn and contribute to the material and direction of this station as we put one foot in front of another to build it.


OLD GOSPEL CHURCH HOUSE:  Tradition. Fetchin’ up. Roots. Call it what you will. WeCHURCH PIC all have that place in our hearts that means home and family. From time to time we all need to remember those things that gave us hope and comfort. We need to remember mom and dad. It’s times like that when we all need to take a trip back to THE OLD GOSPEL CHURCH HOUSE.

Here you will find traditional Gospel music mixed with a little newer flavor. Here you will find that down home sound that will take ya back. Here you will find some very good ‘ol school talent.

We hope you enjoy your visit and homecoming.

Come and check out the THE OLD GOSPEL CHURCH HOUSE.

THE BEAT: Will feature the best in Urban Gospel, Gospel Hip Hop, Inspirational RAP and praise handsmany other non traditional forms of praise and worship music as brought forth by artists from around the world. Featuring a blend of both nationally known as well as unknown artists this station will be able to spotlight not only the story of God’s love to us all but do so in a very upbeat and contemporary kind of way.

Let’s see what program is currently airing on THE BEAT.


MOUNTAINTOP RADIO: Within this station you will MOUNTAINSfind some of the best preachers and Bible teachers. It will feature men and women from around the world as they bring forth the truth found within God’s word. MOUNTAINTOP RADIO will be that place where a person can go and hear all variety of topics taught by people of wisdom, experience, and compassion.

Come and let’s see who is teaching now on MOUNTAINTOP RADIO

REFLECTIONS: Please celebrate with us as we announce the launch of another SIBNSeated (266x400) radio station! REFLECTIONS launched today and features the truly gifted and anointed works of MR DAVID MCCLINTOCK. This gentleman who refers to himself as a minstrel pianist has touched the hearts of people internationally for years and now has brought his gifting to SIBN. We here at SIBN are so very pleased to have him. We strongly encourage you to visit our new station – REFLECTIONS and enjoy a wonderful blend of instrumental music designed to make you think, reflect, and just sit back and enjoy.



They hold the key to tomorrow. They help build today. harbour_sunsetThey have a unique perspective on society and the family. This SIBN station is all about WOMEN. It is for women, by women, dedicated to women.

Here you will hear great women of God preach. Here you will hear discussion of topics vital to women. Here you will hear music from musicians and singers who are women


As a reminder please remember that you can take SIBN everywhere you go. Any place that you can get a cellphone signal you can watch all of our programming. Simply open your web browser from any smart phone and log into www.SIBN.net. Now that’s internet radio. That’s real On Demand programming. That’s SIBN.

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