PASTOR KEVIN WEBB is one of the founders of INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES UNITED. He is the Senior Pastor of LOVE FELLOWSHIP BELIEVERS, INC in Greensboro, NC. At this posting within the Body of Christ he works very hard as a teacher and example of integrity and love for all people around him. He studied under the ministry of Pastor Darryl McConnell of Faith Baptist Church in Gibsonville, NC where he still maintains a very good relationship.

In addition to his role as one of the founders of INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES UNITED he is also a close friend and trusted advisor to SIBN president A. D. Chafins. Pastor Webb has been involved with SIBN since its inception. He also has a program that airs on both networks at different times through out the day.

Pastor Webb has become involved with ministries in India and Africa. He has established communications with both civil and spiritual leaders located there. He and his church, LOVE FELLOWSHIP BELIEVERS, INC, have a sincere interest in helping where they can be of assistance. He is directly involved within his own community on a local level through various social organizations. On this level he works very hard to make a positive impact with people, their families and homes.

Pastor Webb is a well sought after speaker at Revivals and church services through the greater Piedmont area of North Carolina. His teaching style is direct but with a deep caring and empathy toward the people who are receiving his message. This very professional gentleman is a father and married family man. His clear and clean cut messages certainly give honor to God and to his educational and experience background.


PASTOR WEBB can be reached by telephone at 336-303-1240

or by email at

Recordings of Pastor Webb’s services and teaching materials can be found at INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES UNITED

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