TIP -TheGoodLife PhotoSometimes we can start down one road in the journey we call life thinking that this is indeed the right direction. We can stay on that path for some time until we suddenly are confronted with a detour. When this happens we can either ignore the detour or we can take the new route.Prayer helps here because many times this is how God puts us on the final path that He has ordained for us.

This is the case with SIBN friend and music contributor Uchechukwu Onyedikam or as he prefers to be called – T.I.P. For over 8 years he played professional basketball in Africa thinking that this was indeed the road to his ultimate future. After a while this road lost its allure and TIP listened to a friend who suggested he look into making music. As a result of following this advice he visited different music studios and began writing lyrics that would open up a whole new world for him – the world of Poetic Hip Hop.

Now from deep in the heart of Nigeria comes a voice that is just aching to be heard. A voice that combines a great poetic skill with Hip Hop beat and above all else the greatest story ever told. Such a combination can’t be beat – TIP, Inspirational Hip Hop, and the love of God through Jesus Christ. This is now the life of our friend TIP (The Immortal Poet). To put it in his own words:

“Life’s About Fulfillment…And Being An Errand Boy For Jesus Christ Via Music Is What I Genuinely Regard As Being Fulfilled.”

He is now wanting to write songs that touch men and women, old or young, rich or poor. He has one goal now not putting a ball through a hoop but to use his music to spread God’s love.

Here is not only a gifted poet but a musician wrapped up in the athletic body of a professional basketball player. This is a natural combination for youth rallies and conferences, professional men’s conferences, motivational conferences and much more. Below is his contact information to use it is to add a high level of quality to any event.

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WEB SITE:  www.tip.faithculturegroup.com


PHONE:  +234-8025025932



TIP just released his new EP entitled THE GOOD LIFE. In the next few weeks SIBN will be reopening its store, THE MARKETPLACE. When it does we will be talking with TIP about offering some of his music to the world. Stay tuned for more information on this!

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