DR. OCTAVE KAYANDA is but the latest affiliate network owner to join SIBN. His roots come from Central Africa in the Republic of Democratic Congo. His native language is French but he chooses to preach in English. His church NEW BETHEL CHRISTIAN CENTER CHURCH INTERNATIONAL was originally established in 2005 in the state of North Carolina.

Through New Bethel Dr. Kayanda ministers to a good mixture of English speaking Americans as well as French speaking Africans. Each Sunday his services are translated into French for those in attendance that speak limited English. NEW BETHEL CHRISTIAN CENTER CHURCH INTERNATIONAL will be his central location in which to launch his affiliate network KINGDOM CONNECTION – WORLD. Through this network Dr. Kayanda will be preaching as well as introducing other speakers locally within the U. S. as well as from countries around the world. At one time Dr. Kayanda played professional soccer in Europe and through this has made the acquaintance of many people globally. Many you will ultimately meet through KINGDOM CONNECTION – WORLD.

Dr. Kayanda acquired his Doctoral degree from North Carolina College of Theology in 2009. He brings to the pulpit a strong academic background as well as a great deal of practical experience. He is a family man that involves all members of his immediate family in the ministry. From worship leaders to musicians his family works very hard with him to develop and expand NEW BETHEL.

You may contact Dr. Kayanda by telephone at: 336-500-2174

You may also contact him by email at kayanda77@hotmail.com

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