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Your name and/or business name will be listed on the sponsorship recognition section of the magazine and in a sponsor section within SIBN site.

COST: $25


Your name is listed as above

You are able to include a 2-3 sentence dedication

Business people may include your business logo

COST: $50


  Your name is listed as above

You will be given a 1/4 page ad space. For individuals this can be used to dedicate to others. For a business it can be used to put in business information

COST: $100


Platinum sponsors will have a tailored sponsor package which will include components from above plus other items which will include space in the magazine, produced radio commercials (for business sponsors) and other publishing and broadcast items


For people interested in this sponsor level please call us at 844-SIBN-NET ext 804

or email us at


 For those who only wish to make a contribution to SIMPLY ELEVATE you may do so through the link below**


All Donations and sponsors will receive a free copy of the magazine for the month that they have sponsored

All sponsor amounts are for the month of sponsorship only

SILVER SPONSORS and above are invited to be a guest on VOICE OF EMPOWERMENT radio program

If your package includes an ad and you do not have one we will create one for you (you are responsible for submission of materials in a timely fashion)

Your name as a sponsor will only appear in magazine during month or sponsorship, or months if you choose to be an ongoing sponsor. Your name will remain on the SIBN sponsor page 



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