Owning an affiliate radio or TV station has never been easier on SIBN. Owning an affiliate station within the SIBN network gives you an easy way to be part of a growing global broadcast network. It gives you a very large profit potential that is limited only by your personal success and effort. It also gives you the ability to express yourself through the content of your station (must comply with acceptable Christian standards). It gives you a way to touch the world without leaving the comfort of your own home.



REALIZE THAT INTERNET BROADCASTING IS UNIQUE: Internet broadcasting is a brand new industry. It is only about 15 years old. IT IS NOT JUST PUTTING CLIPS ON YOUTUBE OR DOING FACEBOOK LIVE. This new medium means broadcasting 24/7. It replaces your old traditional idea of broadcasting. IT IS THE FUTURE! COVID has changed many things. Many of which are now things of the past. One thing it changed was the concept of how we transmit television and radio! The world is now the world of the Internet. It is the way to touch the whole world in seconds without going to a building or needing a lot of equipment. If you have the Internet and a computer or laptop or a cell phone, you can broadcast from anywhere. You can broadcast from your easy chair, your backyard, mountaintop, anywhere! SIBN is one of the founders of this new and growing industry. We have been around for 11 of the 15 years of this industry’s history. Broadcasting through the SIBN structure means that you literally have something that nobody else has! You have experience from some of the original founders of this new industry, You have a structure that has been built to be unique to every aspect of what is needed, You have a wide open global market. Get rid of your old ideas of broadcasting. WELCOME TO THE FUTURE. WELCOME TO INTERNET TELEVISION AND RADIO!


CONTACT SIBN TO LET US KNOW OF YOUR INTENT: When you contact us at SIBN we will walk with you through the process of acquiring and developing your station.

WE WILL BUILD YOUR BROADCAST PLATFORM FOR YOU: When you become an affiliate owner of an SIBN radio and/or TV station we will create and activate the following things for you: a broadcast platform, Internet broadcast system in HD quality, broadcast scheduling system, a private chatroom, extension on our toll free number, ability to broadcast your own radio program and the programs of others LIVE or prerecorded (If you are obtaining a TV station there is more preparation involved for LIVE broadcast).



NO EXPERIENCE? Through our school, Internet Broadcast University, we will train you in the various areas of station administration (advertising, marketing, promotions, overall management). There are conference calls for general information and training. We will also work with you individually as needed. We will maintain your scheduling system for you (you just tell us what day and what time). We will maintain your broadcast system (you just provide us with the program to air). We will provide as much or as little assistance as you need to help with the development of good administrative and day to day practices. As to the technical aspects that is our concern. Those areas are maintained and managed by SIBN exclusively as part of the service we provide.

WE WILL PROMOTE YOU AS ONE OF OUR STATION AFFILIATES: We will tell the world about you and your station. Got a special broadcast coming up? We will make sure the whole network and the world hears about it. In addition to promoting your station through the network we will also use social media outlets to make sure that you become known.

One good example of promoting you is that through our advanced technology and an ongoing relationship with Facebook and YouTube developers your station is directly tied to Facebook LIVE and YouTube channels. All of your live programs air live and in real time across these platforms. This means that your station, its logo and its programming is constantly in the public eye. Additionally to this as you will see below we carry ASCAP and BMI licensing which means that with these and our business relationships you can air copyrighted music and other materials on Facebook and YouTube. The beauty of this is that while these outlets are shutting others down for copyright violations you are safe and in compliance. You become unique and highly visible over social media. A stand out leader among all social media productions.

ARE THERE SUPPORT GROUPS FOR ADDITIONAL HELP AND SUPPORT? Absolutely! There are private groups developed and managed on Facebook that consist of only affiliate owners, program hosts, SIBN management. Share ideas, get help, make friends, the potential here is endless.

CAN I MAKE MONEY WITH MY STATION? In a word YES! You have 24/7 air space that is yours to develop. Through this you can sell that time to potential broadcasters and advertisers. You charge them a monthly price for airtime, you deduct an amount ($75USD for stations in U.S. International rates tailored to individual country of station location) which is paid to the network for the wholesale price of the air time, engineering, technology used for that program for the month, YOU PUT THE PROFIT IN YOUR POCKET! We will help give you guidelines on proper pricing and methods of interacting with the market and potential clients should you wish it.

DO I HAVE TO PAY FOR MY OWN PERSONAL PROGRAMS? Station owners pay the monthly wholesale price mentioned above for their personal programs. Music blocks created by owner to fill space do not require payment. We do ask that we be able to use any blocked music as filler with other stations if needed.

WHAT IF I DON’T HAVE ANY CONTENT? Most of our beginning affiliates don’t. We will provide you with programming to fill as much of the broadcast schedule or as little of the broadcast schedule as you desire. You tell us.

DO I CONTROL MY STATION? Yes you do. Our stipulations are simple: All broadcasting must comply with acceptable Christian standards, you pay your annual fees, you make sure that your clients pay for their airtime in advance of their broadcasts, you pay your wholesale price for airtime to SIBN prior to the program broadcast. Follow these simple guidelines and the rest is yours to express yourself. Remember, You manage all the administrative and promotional workings of your station. All the licensing and technical broadcast platforms and services are owned and operated by us. We retain all the rights and responsibilities for them. We then provide them to you as a service for your station(s). So you get all the fun and we get all the work and responsibility.

CAN I AIR LIVE PROGRAMMING? You can air LIVE or prerecorded. Bear in mind that LIVE programming might require some set up and there are some potential additional fees involved. All is disclosed well in advance.

CAN I AIR MAINSTREAM AND COPYRIGHTED PROGRAMMING? Yes you can! SIBN carries both ASCAP and BMI licensing. Your station platform is within our structure and therefore it is protected by us. You may air whatever you choose as long as of course it complies with SIBN content standards. With this in mind you do not have to shoulder the expense of obtaining the licensing yourself assuming of course that you would qualify to obtain it. This is money saved and compliance headaches that you can avoid by having a station with us.

CAN I OWN MORE THAN ONE STATION? You may own as many stations as you wish. Each will have the same benefits and fees as discussed in this outline.

IS SIBN ON ROKU – IF SO WILL I BE? SIBN is currently developing its ROKU division. When completed broadcasts both live and prerecorded programming will air on ROKU through this SIBN Channel. All SIBN TV and Radio stations will have the opportunity to broadcast and potentially have their own platform on ROKU through SIBN. This also means that logos and contact information can be displayed there as well.

WHAT IS THE COST FOR A STATION? Please contact us at broadcasting@mediaproperties.org to discuss the cost of owning an affiliate TV or radio station with SIBN. There is the potential for a negotiated price if you desire both. The initial payment is made up front at time of order and then on that anniversary each year thereafter. It is possible that financing may be available in certain circumstances.


We hope that this outline has been of help to you. Should you have questions please feel free to contact the SIBN corporate offices at


for more details and/or to discuss further your becoming an affiliate station with SIBN.

Thank you for your interest,
Dr. A. D. Chafins

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