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By: Schala Harper
I grew up in a household full of love, challenges, laughter and
joy. Through the efforts of my mother-an educator, my father,
a truck driver, and my older brother, our home was centered
around and focused upon God. From then to now I’ve watched a
large part of my brother’s life inquisitively wander down several
roads while diligently but unknowingly walk into his divine
purpose. He was chosen by the Streaming Inspiration
Broadcast Network (SIBN) to be the Pastor of the Year for 2014
and candidly speaks to me about his desire to fulfill God’s will.
When my brother and I have time to converse, we usually
spend about thirty to forty-five minutes digging deep into
the topic of our discussion. Even during his prime, we still
manage to tease, wrestle, chase, joke and literally annoy
each other. There is always the opportunity for side clinching
laughter. I have always known him as Kevin Gerard Webb; the
other pea in our pod, my blanket. He always wraps me with
care. Originally he was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, yet
raised in Greensboro, NC where he currently resides. Family
has always been his solid foundation. When asked about who
they are he chuckled with a grin and replied in a boisterous
voice as if announcing to the world,
“I have a wonderful and
humorous family both immediate and extended.”
He includes
everyone on his family tree wherever he goes; “
I have 5 children
ranging from 9 to 21, including a set of twins. They certainly keep
me on my toes! Both of my parents are still alive and committed
to reach other
[while elbowing me].
I have one sibling who I love
dearly. My children have a loving mother, whom I adore and I
have a wife that means the world to me. Without her I don’t know
how I could be successful at completing the majority of the tasks
I have. I know the relationships within my family have helped me
be the man I am today. We may not all see eye to eye but because
of love, they all understand my call to worship.
Kevin has traveled to 24 countries while in the US Navy serving
as Submariner and diver. Most recently he traveled to Jamaica
on a mission trip. He has seen and experienced a great deal of
diversity. At North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State
University he became a member of Phi Beta Sigma, has held a
variety of professions ranging from a nail technician to a chef
and currently an Information Security Specialist for Guilford
2014 Pastor of the Year
Behind the Scenes with Pastor Kevin Webb
Growing up, I looked at him as my protector. I never
thought he would become a Pastor. When Angel Barrino
Editor in Chief of Simply Elevate Magazine delivered the
news that he was selected as the Pastor of the year I asked
him, if he ever thought this day would come. Earnestly
he said,
“I am always amazed at the title. To be selected as
SIBN’s Pastor of the year is a huge honor. I still see myself as
Kevin who just happens to be a Pastor and that keeps me
humble. Staying that way allows ministry to be easy-as it
should be all the time. I am not caught up in man; I’m caught
up in God. My life plans had nothing to do with being a Pastor-
then again maybe they did. I am honored, privileged and in
awe that I was created to be Kevin, who also just happens to
be the Pastor at Love Fellowship Believers. God put me in a
place where I can totally submit to Him and allow myself be
used and not just on Sundays.”
Who were some of the mentors you’ve had?
Living has been a great mentor for me. Although
there have been others, Dr. Darryl E. McConnell from my
home church at Faith Baptist in Gibsonville, NC has been
the most influential in ministry. My parents are the most
influential people that I know to this day. I have learned
so much from them. Without my parents in my life I would
not have turned out to be the man I am today. I love them
beyond words. I also valued and learned from a dear
friend of our family, Barrick D. Coley. He taught me to
always accept people regardless of what they have, who
they are, what they look like and where they come from.