TheprocessbookimageThank you for visiting the GLOBAL REGISTRY profile of Susan Cambridge.  She is an outstanding Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Author, Mentor, Motivational Speaker and Intercessor.  Her greatest passion in life is to help  others.  Susan specializes in helping people identify their God given abilities and strategically addressing the obstacles that prevent them from walking effectively in their calling.

Susan’s new book “THE PROCESS” will be released on September 10, 2013. It is very appropriately named since it deals with the process we all must go through when recovering from a crisis in our life: Deliverance, Healing, “THE PROCESS” is being offered on line and SIBN will be contacting her to get approval to have it made available through our bookstore. Stay tuned for more information on the release of this new and tremendously important publication.

When recovering from a traumatic situation it is best to find good, quality counseling. Susan has a reputation for her strong desire to help others and see them through complicated times. Susan and her book together demonstrate a strong caring and professional approach to helping all who come her way.




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