He has been featured in Billboard Magazine 1999.
He has appeared nationally on TBN in Nashville,TN and TCT in Marion, IL.
Performed at the Nationally recognized Victory Junction Gang Camp Sponsored by NASCAR and the Richard Petty Family. The President has come to tour this campus – Here they serve terminally ill children who are often challenged to attend a traditional camp setting because of their medical needs and condition.

He tours throughout the US
He has toured through the UK

He has an upcoming invitation to Ireland 30,000+ CD sales & downloads to date

6 CD releases – Victory ’98 – Dream Chaser 2000 – Broken ’02 – The Miracle ’05 – The Feel of Music ’09 –The Ragged Edge ’11

David has an entire radio channel within SIBN dedicated to his music. It is named REFLECTIONS. Please click here to visit and enjoy the work of David McClintock

David and April have been married for 15 years. They have four boys: Joshua and Cohle who are twins, Brenden, and Aron who are featured on the Christmas album entitled “The Miracle”.
When on the road David enjoys the company; and meeting of new families that have offered him a place to stay. He also has a passion for visiting historic cathedrals and places of worship.
Off the road he really enjoys the sanctity of his home in beautiful NC. According to David you can always find “sweet tea and sweet people here”. Among the southern hospitality, he really enjoys relaxing on the front porch with friends and family.
Other hobbies include golfing, jogging, baseball, fixing the “go cart” and playing video games with the kids.
Mom just tries to hold down the fort during tour season and keep up with her then five boys when David’s home.


You may email David

You may also contact him by phone at: 336-338-4988


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