dominickpic2OK raise your hands if this sounds anything like you: fallen more times than you can count, made more mistakes than stars in the heavens, put your foot in your mouth so many times that you know what our kneecap tastes like. Got your hand raised? Good! Your at the right site. SIBN friend and partner Dominick Domasky is right there with ya. Living in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Go Steelers! Oops got sidetracked) this young man has become quite an authority on the above human mishaps. So much so that he has written a book outlining many of the most amazing situations within these categories that you can imagine. His book DON’T DOUBLE BREAD THE FISH  will take you through these situations as seen through his eyes and then show you the light at the end of the tunnel to help you get out of the similar ones you are facing. He is also a motivational speaker that works with folks to understand they have made mistakes and yet it is not the end of the world. He tells them powerful words of wisdom like: “NONE OF YOUR MISTAKES SHOULD EVER DEFINE YOU”.

Dominick’s life demonstrates persistence and an undying belief in himself and his abilities. Regardless of the troubles. No matter the punches, direct hits, and just plainActualCoverjpeg pain he kept moving forward taking the time to write it all down. These writings would ultimately become his book DON’T DOUBLE BREAD THE FISH. They would also become his road map out of the past and into a very promising future. This strong motivational speaker and author is a MUST HAVE at conferences for men both young and old. His honest, direct, and yes humorous approach will grab your attention and hold it all the way through any self motivational presentation.

You really need to get the book and strongly consider bringing him in to one of your future conferences. He is top notch and well intentioned. He wants people to learn from his mistakes not so much so they can avoid there’s but so that when they hit the pitfalls they will have the tools to get back up again. Remember: “THAT WHICH DOESN’T KILL YA WILL ONLY MAKE YOU STRONGER” .



PHONE: 724-433-1313


Find Dominick on Twitter daily with tweets of encouragement and enlightenment. 








Go to his website at MOTIVATION CHAMPS. If you do then the he will sign all books acquired through here. For the first 100 he will also have them officially numbered. YOU CAN’T MISS WITH THIS! This is a book that will undoubtedly find its way into a lot of libraries. It has a great future ahead as a collector’s piece for all of us who suffer from day to day calamity.


"“I have spent some time talking and getting to know this young man. I truly believe that God allows certain people to experience obstacles and pain so that they can be an aid to others along the way. Dominick fits this description. Get to know him. Bring him in to one of your conferences. You won’t go wrong. Within the next few weeks I plan on talking with him regarding offering his book in our soon to launch rebuilt book store THE MARKETPLACE.”

A. D. Chafins – President, Streaming Inspiration Broadcast Network (SIBN) 


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