SIBN has been very blessed to have very high quality men and women join with us in developing a world wide media network. The word is getting out and many people are acquiring SIBN affiliate stations and networks. One such gentleman is Ron Smith. We at SIBN are so very pleased to have this gentleman as part of SIBN’s affiliate network. He has a strong desire to bring fresh, new and upbeat entertainment to Christian broadcasting.

With a background in broadcasting that involves both land based and internet stations, Ron is becoming a very well known personality and host of many programs. He is a well sought after live personality at public events as well as on – air host. Ron Makes his home in High Point, NC with his beautiful wife Sandra. He is a member of Word of Hope Ministries located in Greensboro, NC under the care of Pastor Dallas Scales where he works hard to help develop and expand that ministry.

Ron can be found on many different stations both land based and internet. We are truly blessed that he is bringing his experiences from these stations to SIBN affiliate network URBAN DRAMA NETWORK. Here through this affiliate he will be bringing quality entertainment for all to enjoy. He is the owner of R&S Entertainment where their logo reads “ENTERTAINMENT PROMOTING INNER-CHANGEMENT THROUGH RADIO, TELEVISION. AND EVENT PROMOTIONS”.

We at SIBN are so very proud to have Ron with us. For those who wish to get a better feel and understanding of this man you may find him at the following times and locations: Mon-Fri 5pm-7pm Mon- Thurs 2pm-4pm Mon-fri 6pm-8pm Sun 4pm-6pm Mon – Fri 3pm-5pm Fri 4pm-6pm Thurs 7pm-9pm Sun 5pm (CST)

 Ronald Smith (Dj Ronnieron)

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