Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like giving up, perhaps helpless and alone? Faye Mosby can relate. In fact she has songs that speak to the heart of the matter. She is a survivor with a story rooted in faith. This strength is what makes her music a ministry of healing. Many fans say Faye’s music ushers people into the presence of God.  She has learned to worship in the fire.

An ordained elder, evangelist and psalmist, Faye has traveled internationally ministering the word of God in teaching, preaching and in song. She overcame obstacles that could have stopped her ministry or worse could have cut her life short.

In a twist of fate that could only be described as Divine Intervention, Faye was inflicted with a gash to her hand that required medical attention. A quick series of medical tests later, Faye at age 37, was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, which is known to be a very aggressive cancer.

It was only blind faith in God and shear stubbornness that pulled her through. God puts drive and desire to serve deep in a person. He certainly did so with Faye. She went through the treatments and the setbacks to ultimately come out on top. All the glory to God.

During this tumultuous time, Faye wrote her first song, “With Healing Hands”, although at first she didn’t write the song for herself, God had another plan. “God is so gracious. God wants to use us” Faye says. She had received the boldness she desired and her ministry began to grow.

When she finally began to record her songs and have them produced her husband became very ill with cancer and ultimately passed away. This hurt her deeply but only served to strengthen her resolve and inner strength. Again another obstacle overcome through her faith and the power of God.

Often times after ministering in song people request that she pray for them to overcome an obstacle in their lives.  Faye says she enjoys ministering church to church and at non-traditional venues such as ministering the gospel in song on a cruise ship.

Faye recently released her new album ‘Created to Worship You’ with fifteen anointed tracks featuring the well received single ‘Pure Worship’.  She won the 2012 Newsome Awards Female Vocalist of the Year, was a Grand Finale Finalist in the 2012 Prayze Factor Awards and she is a recipient of the 2012 Black Essence Award. Her book “Through the Fire for His Glory” is set to be released July 2013. 

Bobby Jones called Faye a “great song writer”. Faye says, “I’ll never forget those words when he called me back to the stage at a Praise Break Artist Showcase in Jefferson City, Missouri.”  Faye believes she is a “Music Missionary on a mission to do what the great commission has called us all to do.”

Faye grew up in North Little Rock, AR; she now resides there after living in St. Louis, MO thirty-plus years.


CEO & Founder Phayze Praise Music Group (Record Label & Music Publisher)
Singer, Songwriter
Writer, Composer, Arranger
Licensed Ordained Minister
Praise & Worship Leader


Newsome Awards 2012 Female Vocalist of the Year
Black Essence Awards 2012 Recipient
Prayze Factor Awards Finalist 2012
SCM Gospel Awards 2011
ECMA Awards 2011 (Excellence in Christian Awards)





PHONE: 501-712-3544

Evangelist Faye Mosby – Official Supporters Page – Phayze Praise Music


Atlanta, Jacksonville & Orlando, FL,
Dallas, New York, St. Louis, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Little Rock, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Chicago, Kansas City, International


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