In times gone by a church was simply that – a place to freely worship our God and attend the occasional social function. Today we have tax laws, special programs, money to invest, many different means to promote the overall church presence. In short churches today have become a very active part of the business community. With this in mind it has become important to use church and ministry resources wisely so that the greatest impact is achieved with the least amount of effort and invested dollar.

Church consultants are becoming more visible in the growing economy. CPAs that specialize in the ever changing environment of tax law, social media experts to give a public presence in day to day life and over the Internet, special event planners to make each social event memorable and smoothly run, and many more are becoming common place. No longer is the little church with the white picket fence able to just sit back. Churches and ministries are becoming more aggressive with their public presence. The church consultant is needed now more than ever.

Here, through the Global Registry you will be able to find people who have the tools to help in this growing area of business services.

People such as:




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