Apostle Israel Shisso has been a very public figure for a long time. He has spent many years as an evangelist and later as an administrator over evangelists within the CAMPUS FOR CHRIST INTERNATIONAL organization while in his home country, the Republic of Democratic Congo. He has worked with young people in this, his home country, as well as in many other countries around the world.

Because of his public experiences and his well spoken abilities he has also been used to minister to many diplomats and public officials in Africa and abroad. Apostle Shisso is a well traveled man with contacts and friends globally. He has been a trainer and mentor to other ministry people. For a time he was the national counselor of the National Congolese Charismatic Movement in the Republic of Democratic Congo.

In 1992 he founded a ministry named Christian Group for World Mission, which he oversees to this day. This ministry is incorporated in the state of North Carolina with extensions in Africa and in Bangalor, India.

Apostle Shisso has traveled a great deal throughout Africa and Europe. He has been an invited speaker at many crusades, conferences, and revivals in many of these countries. For a time he also had a television ministry while living in the Republic of Democratic Congo.


You may reach Apostle Shisso by telephone at: (980) 406-1951

You may also reach Apostle Shisso by email at: israelnshisso@yahoo.com


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