She will tell you the truth plainly. She will do so without compromise and without fear of what people may think. She is honest and very straight forward. She pulls no punches when it comes to the word of God. These are things that have and continue to be said about Elder Marion A. Johnson of Greensboro, NC. She can do this because she has been there and been through it. This is a woman of God who has experienced many things that others would have to say “Time out let’s take another look at this”. She speaks from experience and that in itself makes her genuine and priceless.

Elder Marion A. Johnson is the Senior Pastor of EL – SHADDAI OUTREACH MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL located in Greensboro, NC. She is a well sought after speaker for Women’s Conferences as well revivals and crusades. Her direct and bold approach makes her a good candidate for Christian events of all types.


  Elder Johnson is also a woman that is supported by her husband and both immediate and extended family. People enjoy her humor and no compromising attitude. She is known to be right in the thick of things when it comes to supporting her friends, family and her community.

She has been through many things but her love of God first and the people around her give her a speaking quality that can not be equaled.

 Elder Johnson is an important part of the SIBN family. She can be seen on the network twice daily at:



You may contact Elder Johnson by phone at:    336-312-8155

You may Email her at:

You may also visit her on Facebook When you do be sure you click on “Like”

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