Broadcasting on an SIBN radio or TV station has never been easier. Broadcasting on SIBN gives you an easy way to be part of a growing global broadcast network. It gives you a very large  potential for exposure. It also gives you the ability to build a broadcast audience that is limited only by your success and effort. It gives you the ability to express yourself as well as teach and instruct on the areas of understanding and ability that God has given you. Through the content of your program (must comply with acceptable Christian standards). You have a way to touch the whole world without leaving the comfort of your own home.


REALIZE THAT INTERNET BROADCASTING IS UNIQUE: Internet broadcasting is a brand new industry. It is only about 15 years old. IT IS NOT JUST PUTTING CLIPS ON YOUTUBE OR DOING FACEBOOK LIVE. This new medium means broadcasting 24/7. It replaces your old traditional idea of broadcasting. IT IS THE FUTURE! COVID has changed many things. Many of which are now things of the past. One thing it changed was the concept of how we transmit television and radio! The world is now the world of the Internet. It is the way to touch the whole world in seconds without going to a building or needing a lot of equipment. If you have the Internet and a computer or laptop or a cell phone, you can broadcast from anywhere. You can broadcast from your easy chair, your backyard, mountaintop, anywhere! SIBN is one of the founders of this new and growing industry. We have been around for 11 of the 15 years of this industry’s history. Broadcasting through the SIBN structure means that you literally have something that nobody else has! You have experience from some of the original founders of this new industry, You have a structure that has been built to be unique to every aspect of what is needed, You have a wide open global market. Get rid of your old ideas of broadcasting. WELCOME TO THE FUTURE. WELCOME TO INTERNET TELEVISION AND RADIO!


CONTACT SIBN OR AN SIBN STATION TO LET US KNOW YOUR INTENT: When you contact us at SIBN we will walk with you through the process of developing your program or perhaps programs.

WE WILL BUILD YOUR BROADCAST PLATFORM FOR YOU: When you become a programmer on an SIBN radio and/or TV station we will create and activate the following things for you: a full broadcast platform complete with a description of program, day and time of broadcast, contact information on the host and how to contact the program staff. You are tied into an HD broadcast system, your program is placed into a broadcast scheduling system related to the station you are broadcasting on, a private chatroom, an archive of all previous programs.

NO EXPERIENCE? Through our school, Internet Broadcast University, we will train you (as desired) in the various areas of program administration (advertising, marketing, promotions, overall management). There are conference calls for general information and training and we are developing video training sessions as well. We will also work with you individually as needed. We will put you into the scheduling system based on your broadcast time and date. We will engineer your program for you (live program engineer not a computer). If the program is live all you have to do is call in to your station’s phone platform number at the appropriate time or log into the link that we will provide to you. If it is prerecorded you just provide us with the program to air. We will provide as much or as little assistance as you need to help with the development of your program. Your program can be as automated or as hands on as you choose. As to the technical aspects – that is our concern. Those areas are maintained and managed by SIBN exclusively as part of the service we provide.

WE WILL PROMOTE YOU AS ONE OF OUR STATION’S PROGRAMMERS: We will tell the world about you and your program. Got a special broadcast coming up? We will make sure the whole network and the world hears about it. In addition to promoting your program through the network we will also use social media outlets and our magazine SIMPLY ELEVATE (Returning to virtual print in late 2021) to make sure that you become known.

WHO WILL SEE/HEAR MY PROGRAM? SIBN has a very diverse audience. Currently we span a viewer/listener audience of over 177 countries. We are also developing stations internationally as well (Currently we have 7 International stations). With all of the different platforms we broadcast from, including social media, we have a current potential of hitting over 10,000 cites with any one broadcast at any time.

CAN I AIR CURRENT RECORDING ARTISTS ON MY PROGRAM? Yes absolutely! SIBN has full licensing to air the music of today’s recording artists. Your program will be within our broadcast structure and therefore fully protected under our licensing agreement.

DO I CONTROL MY OWN PROGRAM? Yes you do. Our stipulations are simple: All broadcasting must comply with acceptable Christian standards and you pay for your airtime in advance of your broadcasts. The rest is yours to express yourself. Remember, you manage all the administrative and promotional workings of your program. All the technical broadcast platforms and services are owned and operated by us. We retain all the rights and responsibilities for them. We then provide them to you as a service for your program(s). So you get all the fun and we get all the work and responsibility.

CAN I AIR LIVE PROGRAMMING? You can air LIVE or prerecorded. Bear in mind that LIVE Events from a remote location do require some set up and there are some potential additional fees involved. All is disclosed well in advance. Basic live from your regular location is part of the regular agreement.

IS SIBN ON ROKU – IF SO WILL I BE? SIBN is currently developing its ROKU division. When completed broadcasts both live and prerecorded programming will air on ROKU through this SIBN Channel. All SIBN TV and Radio stations will have the opportunity to broadcast and potentially have their own platform on ROKU through SIBN. This also means that logos and contact information can be displayed there as well.

CAN I BROADCAST MORE THAN ONE PROGRAM? You may broadcast as many programs as you wish both TV and radio. Each will have the same benefits and fees as discussed in this outline. Please note that at some point it may be more desirable to own your own station with us. This can generate revenue as well as potentially lower various fees related to program broadcasts.

WHAT IS MY COST? The cost of broadcasting a program is based upon the fees charged by the station you are broadcasting from. The initial payment to broadcast is made up front at time of your agreement with station.


          We hope that this outline has been of help to you. Should you have questions please feel free to contact the SIBN corporate offices today for more details and/or to discuss further your becoming a program host with SIBN.

Thank you for your interest,

Dr. A. D. Chafins


Streaming Media Properties, Inc

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