Itsy Bitsy Bookworms Radio is a way to communicate with the youth. Little Chef DJ and his team really enjoyed being on the show getting the word out about healthy eating and being whatever you want to be in life at any age.

Dear Pamela, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a great interview. You made me feel right at home.Your skills in communications are awesome. this was my first radio interview and needless to say mey nerves were “all over the place” but you eased those nerves with your style and approach. I love the way you prepared me by allowing me to give you a list of questions prior to the interview and then letting me know what to expect when the interview was going on

Thank you again for your time and I wish you much success in all that you do.

Judy Parker

Good morning

My name is Dasia “Dasia Vu Edmond and I am a 12 yr. old auther, speaker and kidpreneur. I had the pleasure of being interviewed about my two pinned books on June 3, 2018 by Pamela Hornsby-Irvin. She was informative about what was to be expected and how to stream the show. I was very comfortable and enjoyed the segment

Thank you again and i look forward to working with you again,

Your girl Dasia Vu


Thank you Itsy Bitsy Radio! You are truly one of a kind. We laughed. We talked about creativity. We talked about reading and most importantly we talked about kids.We told our friends to tune in and be part of the best kids radio station. Pam, you are talented. Please continue to reach our families and children through inspiration and education. The interview was so fun, we would love to do it again! See you soon.


Dear Pam, thank you for having me as a guest on your radio show, Itsy Bitsy Bookworms Radio. I found you as a host every bit enjoyable to talk to as a guest. Your show is also very informative. Pam, thank you for the platform to be heard and for over 160+ countries knowledgeable about myself and my children’s books The ABCs of Love, and A Letter To My Daughter on It was an awesome experience being on your show.

Thank you Pam and Itsy Bitsy Bookworms Radio Staff


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