1320394.jpgWelcome to our GLOBAL REGISTRY housed within SIBN. This registry will be a continuing work in progress. It is designed to provide one place where an event, a ministry, a church, or a christian business can come and find resources to select people to help in events or administrative needs. Here you will be able to find speakers for an event, people to provide training sessions for needed topics in church, ministry and business development, praise and worship leaders, and much more.

This registry is designed to exceed beyond the local or even national level. Any person globally may submit their name for approval. SIBN will not be able to guarantee the persons performance. The submission process will be used to verify the information provided and that the person is known in the specific area that they wish to be registered. We are looking for quality and integrity. SIBN will take a best efforts approach to providing good candidates for potential use. Along with the unique approach of being global, SIBN will also set this registry apart in that video and audio clips of the registered person will be available (based on availability).

You have seen the ads for things like “Angie’s List” and others. SIBN is creating its own list so that a resource will exist for people with a need will have a place to go to find the person to fill that need. The information will be sorted by State, Country, and topic, gift, or area of experience.

Below are the categories with current entries. As entries in other categories are processed the category will be placed below. This is the first step in our categorizing process.










Should you wish to submit your name to this list you may do so by emailing SIBNregistry@SIBN.net. There is a one time fee for this in order to offset the time needed to develop the profile of the candidate. That fee is $45U.S. Should you have questions beyond this you may also submit them to us through the email just provided.

When considering whether to register with us consider this as well: SIBN is now being viewed in ALL 50 U.S. states, we have viewers/listeners in nearly 1700 U. S. cities, we have viewers/listeners and participants now in over 112 foreign countries. In addition to the viewers and listeners we are also making contacts with Emagazines and publications to promote the participants that have profiles on the GLOBAL REGISTRY.

Alsoo consider the following: SIBN is now ranked #8 globally in Internet Christian radio and #14 globally in Internet Christian TV. People are coming from around the world to watch and listen to its contents. There is now the potential for publications to carry REGISTRY links as well. This means that participants now have the ability to be seen, heard and contacted from all 3 forms of media: audio, video, and now Eprinting. 

Can you honested think of a reason not to be registered with us? Imagine what could happen! Each day people in places locally and around the world look for quality people for many different things. As we develop this registry they will know exactly where to come.

To place your order for the GLOBAL REGISTRY please use the button below. Once order is placed you will be contacted by email to obtain your information, recent recordings, pictures.

Here is a link to one of our GLOBAL REGISTRY PROFILES to use as an example. The gentleman displayed is a good friend of the network, Minister David McClintock

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