Honoring God’s direction, on April 25, 2011, Allan D. Chafins, started Streaming Inspiration Broadcast Network (SIBN) with little more than vision and determination. What began with a broken-down laptop, minimal equipment, and significant turmoil, has grown to reach 160 countries, representing 84% of the world! It has been the support of many, including Pastor Kevin Webb of Greensboro, North Carolina that brought us through.


According to Alexa and Google Analytics, the global impact of SIBN’s network of 33 Internet radio stations and 10 Internet television stations is astounding:

  • SIBN is ranked #5 in the world in the Internet Christian Radio category

  • SIBN is ranked #9 in the world in the Internet Christian TV category

  • SIBN radio and television programs reach 84% of the entire world, including: China, Russia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan

  • SIBN radio and television programs have impacted 121 different languages globally

Given the direction in which God is taking the network, it has become increasingly clear that, God has an even greater plan for us.

Marching Orders


God has issued new marching orders that will expand the the network. We are currently raising funding to move forward with much needed expansion of the infrastructure and with positioning the network to expand into yet-to-be-reached international territory.

  • Website Upgrades

SIBN growth makes it necessary to upgrade and redesign the current website. Improvements will improve navigate and overall aesthetics.

  • Broadcast API Development

The application program interface (API) is currently in design-phase. The programming will make it easier for affiliates to produce quality broadcasts across network.

  • Mobile Access & Social Media Application Development

According to eMarketer, an independent market research company, mobile traffic constitutes about 30% of all internet activity. SIBN is moving into the 21st Century by developing mobile access capabilities that will expand network reach to those who primarily access the internet using tablets and mobile phones.

  • Expansion of TV and Radio Broadcast Platform

SIBN is growing so fast that it is necessary to expand the network infrastructure. If the past 5-years is any indication, this project needs to begin immediately.

We have our marching orders and we’re on a mission. But to win the battle and claim victory in the war, we need to rally the troops. The success of the mission will take a concerted effort and more troops are needed to carry out these assignments. That’s where you come in!


Calling All Troops

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JOIN IN ON THE MISSION and ensure that at the end of the day, SIBN can report to the Great Commander in Chief, “Mission Accomplished – Mission Successful!”

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