Acquilla Faye HeadshotAcquilla Faye McCoy, aka Ms. Semevou, is a loving mother who adores the responsibility of raising children. She entered the professional world as an educator, writer, and community activist with the mission of helping youth develop to their greatest capacity. Since her youth, she has actively engaged in developing strategies that would help her peers succeed in school while finding ways to help in the community through volunteering with her church, school, Girl Scouts, and local agencies. God has blessed her with many talents to serve in the realms of education, entertainment, and nonprofit community outreach which have developed into a diversified approach for inspiring others.

She is a writer with the ability to convey messages across genres; inclusive of creative, technical, research, blog, and article compositions that span topics. She enjoys writing in the various genres because it allows her to demonstrate the talent that The Creator gifted to her to relay information to others by painting pictures composed of words. Her artistry as a writer has evolved to becoming a published author, television personality, event host, public speaker, life coach, and non-profit consultant! The Creator has truly blessed Acquilla Faye to be a tool of encouragement, empowerment, and evidence that with God as your best friend, there are limitless opportunities to the ways which one can live in purpose.


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