sima profile pic Sima Torian, a Certified Professional Life, Relationship and Financial Coach, is a woman on a mission; determined to achieve all that she was created for. While working towards this life-long goal, Sima has learned that PAIN births PASSION which ultimately births PURPOSE. In hopes to awaken her purpose, Sima birthed Butterfly Moments with Sima and Girlfriends Rock in 2012. Both organizations birthed with today’s woman in mind. Sima simply wants to in some way positively impact today’s woman in her journey to be the best she can be in whatever state she is in. She is a new and unique breath of fresh air to a very new and exciting industry.

As the visionary and founder of Butterfly Moments with Sima, Sima’s vision is to help women cultivate healthy relationships by focusing on building a positive self image and fostering sound core values. She intends to meet all women right where they are in life while coaching them to establish attainable and reasonable goals. Sima calls this process the “rebirth”. After spending some time with Sima, Sima hopes each one of her clients will ultimately chose functional relationships over relationships that leave them feeling worthless, hopeless, lonely and abandoned. At this current time, Sima has decided to focus primarily on single women because this is ultimately where the most unhealthy relationship choices are made.

Sima currently resides in Kernersville, NC where she is the mother of two boys and spends most of her free time shaping them into young men as well as spending time with teenage girls at her church. Armed with a Bachelors degree in Psychology from the University of Virginia, A Life Coach Certification and training by the best in the industry, Mr. Tony Gaskins Jr., and a host of purpose driven life experiences, Sima intends to change the world, one beautiful woman of God at a time. She intends to author her first book in 2015. Once reprimanded for “simply caring to much”, Sima’s life goal is prove to you that there is no such thing as caring too much. Jesus cared for us. Her PASSION was instilled long ago. Her PAIN fueled her passion. Her VISION got her started. Her PURPOSE has brought her here. She is ready!



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