Jason Zaragoza became a radio disc jockey at the age of fifteen. With several awards in radio and a passion for No-bake cookies, he currently resides in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

He hosted a Morning show in the Contemporary Christian Music genre for many years and served as an announcer in the pop and country genres as well. Over these years jason zaragozaboth as a student and a professional, Jason honed his craft and learned a lesson or two about giving back to his community.

With a degree in Communications as well as Network Systems Administration, Jason hopes to one day be a college instructor and a radio show host for another station that promotes community outreach.

He has had the opportunity to interview several of his childhood heroes as well as music artists.This has helped him continue to learn about life, perspective, and the lives and viewpoints of others. This information aids him in his daily life and experiences.

He is a father to three beautiful children and believes that in the scheme of things, this is his greatest accomplishment and mission.



PHONE:  405-886-6118

EMAIL  Jason.Zaragoza@inspirationstudios.net


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