CHARMAINEPICCharmaine E. Betty-Singleton, was born on January 12, 1968, in Kingston, Jamaica to Granville and Norma Betty. Early in 1969, Norma and Charmaine left for the United States of America (USA) and eventually made Laurelton (Queens), New York their home. Granville joined them later, after retiring from the Department of Public Works, Jamaica, West Indies.

An outgoing, talkative and mischievous child, Charmaine often engaged in debates with her parents and other members of the family. It was quite obvious to Granville and Norma that Charmaine would be in the limelight either as a politician or some other type of public figure. At the age of seven her path was identified, when after some considerable thought Charmaine exclaimed that she wanted to become a lawyer. Her parents asked her why? Charmaine responded, “[because] I am intelligent and I am a genius!” Her parents said spell intelligent and genius. Charmaine obliged (correctly) and the rest as they say is history.

Due to positive words of encouragement and a home filled with love, Charmaine knew from the start that she could be anything that she wanted to be and accomplish anything she wanted to do. Granville and Norma set the example; that with God, faith, hard work, and perseverance one could obtain one’s dreams/goals. Additionally, Charmaine grew up hearing the expression “No man is an island” and witnessed her parents consistently opening their home and helping family, friends and sometimes perfect strangers. Granville and Norma instilled in her a sense of commitment, even an obligation to help others.

At the age of seventeen (and while she attended college and law school), Granville an accountant for the City of New York Higher Education Program, invited Charmaine to be the guest speaker for those students who obtained their GED. These speaking engagements occurred in Harlem, New York and sometimes Rikers Island (yes, inmates). It was from these experiences that Charmaine realized the power of positive thinking and how important it is to encourage and support others no matter the circumstance. More important, she learned that God can use anyone (even a young seventeen year old student) to help others and that she had a way with words. From there Charmaine became a mentor, a trainer, an advisor and a coach.

Charmaine is a small person, with a huge heart, a genuine caring spirit and a warm infectious smile. She tells it like it is. She will push you, praise you and pray you into becoming a better you. Most important, she will put you in a position to obtain your dreams. Believe it, receive it and achieve it.



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