Char Promo Final“This is the commandment of God and it is the mission of REJOICE ALWAYS RADIO, another of the jewels in the growing family of SIBN radio broadcasting stations.

We are located in Atlanta, Ga Metro area. We are designing this station to be a powerhouse of great music, teaching material, motivational and spiritual insight. It will truly be a place to call home when surfing the Internet dial.

I am so excited about being a member of the great team and family at SIBN. Special thanks to the President, Allan Chafins, you and the team at SIBN are the best!”






Upcoming programming:

1. Living Better and Expecting More!
2. Higher Living
3. Discovering a Better You
4. A Healthy You
5. A Better You from the Inside/Out
6. Character Yes it still exists
7. Be a Diamond and get a lot of SHINE
8. Love will always REMAIN


Upcoming Daily Inspirations: Moore Moments with Char Moore








PHONE:  678-744-7955







Lady Charlene Moore Founder/Host, Rejoice Always Radio, Atlanta, Ga, is a speaker, psalmist and upcoming author of her book entitled (Discovering a Better You). She inspires individual and groups encouraging them to live better lives through her writing and quotes of inspiration, (Moore Moments), the songs she sings and in public speaking at Conferences/Events. (AKA) Lady/Princess Char is born to inspire others. It was revealed by her mother when she was just an infant. She inspired her grandfather to live and not die. Her mother tells the story that her grandfather would say all the time that while on his sick bed near death that he was not going to die until he saw Char walk. Each day she gave him inspiration to live and then one day she took her first steps and he saw her walk and the next day he died. Wow! What great inspiration she gave while yet a baby.

It continues to today. Daily she positively affects those around her sharing the blessing of inspiration. The world is better because the Lord GOD saw fit to allow this amazing lady to share with you. She is a vessel that is fit for the Master’s use. She will empower, encourage, edify and love you. You will be inspired to be more and to live better.

Quote Char: Don’t settle for less think MORE! Expect BETTER!

Quote Char: Together we WIN! Divided we Loose!


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