ANGEL AUTHOR PICHere is the deal to end all deals!

You can air a video on newly launching PRAISE TELEVISION and get global exposure at a price that you will be sure is a typo. Guess what it’s no typo! It’s just our way of letting you get acquainted with our new television station. It’s also a way to thank some very good and loyal supporters at the same time.





1) We will air 1 video 2 times per day on PRAISE TELEVISION for 30 days

2) The video can not exceed 10 minutes

3) Video content can be music, teaching, promotional, business. The main concern is that it must comply with acceptable Christian standards (PRAISE and SIBN have final authority on compliance questions)

4) Submitted video format should be in .mp4 but .mov and .wmv is also accepted. If there is a question please contact us and we will discuss the matter

5) We will also build a profile for you that will be promoted by our network and placed within our site for international review and potential contact by people literally around the world



The cost of this promotion is an annual payment of $835US or in monthly installments of $100




1) Upload video to us at

2) Use the button below to make payment

3) If you have questions you can contact Angel Barrino at




Payment Options

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