Elder Marion Johnson and her staff wish to welcome you to THE TRANSFORMATION NETWORK. Here you will find the best in Gospel music for all ages (traditional, contemporary, Gospel Hip Hop and more). You will also find great teaching and testimonials of God’s grace and healing power. We are so proud to have you visit us and take a moment to focus on the true transforming power of God’s word and Spirit.

This network will focus not just on making you feel good for the moment. We want to see and hear about permanent transformations. We will focus on all areas of health and nutrition. It is our focus to help the whole person in body, mind and spirit. This network desires to become a daily requirement for your health and spiritual  well being. We will be featuring professionals in many different areas of fitness and health. We will strive to bring the very best to you our listening and viewing audience.

Currently THE TRANSFORMATION NETWORK has a radio station operating called TRANSFORMATION RADIO.  It is an SIBN affiliate station and member of the SIBN family.


We hope that you enjoy this station and its materials. We are always open to ideas and comments. You may reach us at:

Office:    336-298-1707          Cell:    336-312-8155

email:  elshaddaiOMI2005@gmail.com

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