SIBN-STREAMING INSPIRATION BROADCAST NETWORKSTREAMING INSPIRATION BROADCAST NETWORK is designed to be a global source of wisdom, inspiration and comfort to people of all languages, cultures and ages through a continuously developing broadcast media site.

It’s mission is to be a global focal point for people to meet and reason together through a multimedia Internet format featuring varying music and Christian personalities in television, radio, print, and special LIVE events.

This Christian media site was founded by SIBN current President and CEO, A. D. Chafins. During the course of several years he has come to know and be close friends with people representing many different countries. Because of his background in broadcasting he has also come to know and work with many professional production people spread out in many states around the United States. Through the combination of these two experiences he began to develop the framework that is now the beginnings of SIBN.

SIBN is a Christian site that airs, prints and markets Christian materials. Although respect is given to the freedom to chose one’s beliefs this site is dedicated to the fundamentals that comprise Christian values and principles. Only these concepts and principles will be aired on this site.

FOLLOW UP NOTE: On April 25, 2014 SIBN officially celebrated its third anniversary. A few days after this it was handed a tremendous anniversary present. On June 1, 2014 SIBN received a ranking update from, a company that monitors web site traffic and ranks the top web sites in the world. ALEXA informed SIBN that it was now ranked #6 in the world in the category of Christian Internet radio! It was also ranked 

#15 in the world in the category of Christian internet television.This was a tremendous gift. This ranking meant that of the 2 billion web pages in the world the traffic coming to SIBN put it among the best and most visited. Additionally due to its unique composition of TV, radio, print, LIVE special events etc SIBN is truly alone in a category all of its own.

If there are questions related to SIBN, its founder, or structure please contact us at 800-378-4098  ext 810 or email us at


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